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Asset Management

Asset Management is more than collecting rents, repairing and maintaining and carrying out inspections, it is a long-term relationship between the property owner and property manager. The goal is to maximise the value of property through proactive, effective and insightful management.

Asset Management is about focusing on the value of your property, with the crucial aim of adding value to your property. AVATA understands investment principles and can deliver the highest investment performance whatever the market conditions. To maximise the value of your property one must first understand valuation principles and with highly experienced fully qualified investment valuation surveyors on the team AVATA can ensure your asset will continue to grow.

AVATA has extensive experience in the property market in the Cayman Islands and throughout the Caribbean and works closely with owners, developers, investors, lenders and agents to ensure that your property will sustain high occupancy levels, high income returns, high levels of tenant satisfaction and at lower property costs by

Working closely with property owners and tenants to understand and react quickly to concerns and business needs.

Analysing and reporting on existing leases and implementing new leases to improve efficiency, tenant satisfaction and increased income streams on renewal.

Identifying emerging opportunities through our knowledge and understanding of the local market and the changing environment, be it the emergence of tenant demand from new sectors or investor demand from new sources.

Enhanced communication and detailed reporting to owners and tenants to ensure directives are adhered to and objectives and goals are on course.

Careful planning in the make up and mix of tenants to ensure tenant retention and investor satisfaction.

Maximising capital values through considered maintenance and improvement projects, lease re-gearing, perceived tenant covenant strength consideration and monitoring of competition.

Effective marketing and agency instructions monitored and directed by professionals.

Streamlining service charge administration and costs through effective contract management and competitive tendering procedures.

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